A Wetsuit Hotwave Phuket Thailand
Our company was established in September of 1994 to fulfill the need for a worldwide company to manufacture Diving Equipment Wetsuit Men's Wetsuit,Women's Wetsuit,Kid's Wetsuit,Recreational Wetsuit,Scuba Diving Wetsuit,Surfing Wetsuit,Triathlon Wetsuit,Wakeboard Wetsuit,Water Ski Wetsuit,Neoprene products We achieved this by manufacturing quality wetsuits,Custom made Wetsuit,Tailor made Wetsuit,Made to measure Wetsuit for those people who required the perfect fit.
It is now 2012, and Hotwave Wetsuits has gone on to grow into a small but efficient organization that has become well known all over the world. We have become experts in manufacturing Wetsuit,Custom made wetsuit,Made to measure wetsuit,Tailor made wetsuit because we made:
Colorful Wetsuit,Children's Wetsuit,Men's Wetsuit,Women's Wetsuit,Triathlon Wetsuit
Water Sport Wetsuit,Shorty Wetsuit,Jacket&Farmer John Wetsuit,Onepicec Wetsuit,Swimming Wetsuit,Rash Guard,Boot&Hood,Beanie-Mini Hood,Skin Suit.
All neoprene products,Cheap Wetsuit but Good Wetsuit,
Wetsuit Care,Wetsuit Repair,Alter Wetsuit
can easily personalize Wetsuit with silk screened names and logos.
double glue at the seams and then blind stitch both inside and outside for maximum strength.
At Hotwave Wetsuits Phuket Thailand we will do our best to ensure that All Wetsuit and Neoprene products we produce for you will give you an enjoyable and comfortable dive.

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